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How does your mix translate to a big theater?

Command Post approaches this issue as conscientiously as possible. While our mix room is small, our room is tuned flat and the resulting translation to larger rooms is quite accurate. Some of our clients choose to screen in a large theater before signing off on the final mix; other clients screen their optical negative at Foto-Kem with one of their answer prints. Of course, we strongly recommend if and when you do screen, you do it in a theater or laboratory venue that has a good sound setup. In some cases, you may be able to lock DA88 to your workprint's 2 pop before committing to optical negative.

There is a well-known lab in Burbank that demonstrated considerable problems with their playback setups. In one of their theaters, the right and center outputs of their amplifiers were reversed, resulting in inaccurate playback. In another of their theaters, the bass response of the room was set so high that any soundtrack rumbled explosively with excessive bass response under every nuance of dialogue or sound effects.

Our favorite locations for accurate theatrical screening and review are: Foto-Kem (818)846-3101, Warner Hollywood (323)850-2500 x 2597, and also the Culver Studios  (310)202-1234 has a very nice theater with a great day rate of $100 an hour, plus excellent video projection capabilities.