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Command Post helps filmmakers achieve commercial success and artistic integrity with memorable soundtrack design. 

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And Command Post will meet or exceed your distributor's stringent quality control requirements. 

That's why a wide variety of successful, low-budget producers in the Los Angeles media trade depend on Command Post to create complex yet highly cost-effective film and video soundtracks for projects distributed locally and throughout the world. 

Your sound defines your movie for your audience more than your picture. To be commercially successful, you need much more than the built in sound capabilities of your picture edit workstation. 

You need 128 Protools tracks with 32 channels of digital I/O, which provide unparalleled mixing studio4.jpg (25333 bytes)flexibility in 5.1 or Dolby Stereo. 

You need  reverbs, deessers, compressors, eqs, and other highly specialized, fully automated plug-ins that are not available on other systems. 

And our searchable effects database, now fully populated with more than one million hits, crashes, creaks, footsteps, stingers, whooshes and ambiences, provides the results you need to achieve success in the marketplace. ADR with digital picture is also fast, comfortable, and intuitive. 

Working at Command Post is fun not only because we have all the toys, but because you can afford it!  In fact, few other low-cost post rooms are so broadly equipped with man or machine to handle any audio or video challenge. 

M&E's for foreign release are a staple of our working diet. Dialogue and other elementswpe6.gif (28292 bytes) are imported via two primary paths: OMF files, or you can generate AIFFs from a picture workstation such as Final Cut. Aside from our live foley options which will achieve excellent results, every footstep surface, shoe type,  and step type is at your immediate electronic disposal to provide fast, accurate, electronic foley. (Performed in house by our editor who happens to be the Artur Rubenstein of footsteps.) Any sound that doesn't exist in the library will be created to your needs on our stage or out in the field.

Command Post has the tools and techniques for any kind of audio restoration to clean up noise and distortion in your tracks, too. Finished soundtracks will be mixed and prepared for optical release print or laid back to video masters, in Dolby Stereo, 5.1 specially suited to High-Def, conventional TV stereo, or other formats, per your requirements. Or bring in your stems or other elements for modification, upgrade, sweetening, or revision. 

Ask also about Command Post picture editing, DVD authoring, and motion graphic design services for your trailer, movie, promo, and yes, also for your website. 

Call (818-882-3300) or email today to get your hands on our sensational new DVD demo and free brochure. Use our sound to achieve the commercial success and artistic integrity your finest filmmaking efforts deserve.






"You're the man. Very compelling and, pardon my language, badass sounds.
I'm very glad I chose you for the SFX. Your communication was pristine.

~Francisco Diaz, Titan Gaming


I gotta say It's been great working along side you my friend. 
I told my agent that you are a true pro. I am very happy
 with the film and our sound lock. THANKS FOR SUPER 

~Julian Dulce Vida, Director


I think you did a great job. It's very good, and I liked it very much. 
That's just what we needed, and I think it's going to have some impact."

~David Menukian, Producer, The Ballroom Dance


"One of the best & most affordable post-production facilities . . .
 . . . personal service, professionalism & price."

David Koenigsberg, Executive Producer and Fox Executive

"Thanks for all your hard work and energy."

Scott Ross, President, Digital Domain



"No one else does what you can do: build an amazingly effective mix in record time."

Ulli Lommel, Director, Zodiac Killer


"...does an excellent job of working in the audio
medium, using richly produced sound to convey a great deal of the action
and emotion of the events."

—American Society for Science Fiction Audio for The Soul Patrol Episode 6

"Command Post exceeded our expectations. Every nuance of the dialogue
we carefully crafted came through the way we wanted to hear it. Thanks, John,
for producing a mix well worthy of our production."

Albert Ruis, Producer, Close to Home


John Graves, your session operator, is a post sound supervisor and technical director with twenty-five years of industry experience and a broad range of credits. Before choosing to run Command Post full time in 1992, he worked for Lucasfilm, Calico Limited, Colossal Pictures, Boyington Film, and Computer Camera Service on high-grossing, Oscar- winning major studio features as well as independent films, animated television series, cutting-edge commercials, and industry-honored broadcast promotion.        personal profile


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