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FEATURE and BROADCAST CREDITS                                        

Yuko Story
— The Cosmic Forces (development)
Queen of Rio —  Sound consultant
Factory Cowboys —  Working with Warhol, Sound Package
Onsitco Voiceover — Sound
Edison Letter
— Scott Cervine, Movies from the Heart
Driven to Love
— WETV, Ray J
Calpipe Industries
—  sound package
— Movies from the Heart
My Good Planet
— Location sound, post sound
Dr. California
— Sound and PIcture editorial package, location sound
The Four Senses
—Supervising Sound Editorial, Music editorial, location sound
Inside Endurance
—Sound mix series
Valentine's Dinner Dance
—Radio Spot, Allegro Music Group
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
—Game Sound Design
Accucred Banking Documentary
—Voiceover, Accucred Corporation
— Dialogue Editorial
Van Wilder 2 ~ MGM/Tapestry
Blues N Bucks
—Game Sound Design
America Chung Nam, Inc.
—corporate documentary, voiceover, mix
Fiesta Grande
—Game Sound Design
Rules of Attraction
—Sound Mix
Irish Gold
—Game Sound Design
Herff Jones Publishing —Voiceover
Party Hardy —Game Sound Design

Hitachi Tempura
—Festival Winner, Sound Design and Mix
A Great Patriot Speaks
—Sound Package and Score
Go Crazy
— Game Sound Design
Lotto Fruit
— Game Sound Design
The Heat Is On
— Game Sound Design
— Game Sound Design

California Indian — Soundtrack Package
Dungeon Girl M&E package
So Wild
Game Sound Design
Hot N Saucy
Game Sound Design
Savannah's Ghost
35mm Dolby Stereo mix package and score
A Simple Promise
Soundtrack remix package
American Dream
Game Design

Nobody's Shalom ~
Soundtrack package
Angel 8s
~ Game Design
Nightstalker ~ 
Lion's Gate release, Ulli Lommel
Chessmaster ~ Game Design
The Magnificent Charlie Green ~
Foley package
Mayan Sun ~
Game Design
Semper Fi ~
Game Design
My Little Secret ~
Soundtrack package
Horse Power ~
Foley package
Zunatics ~
Game Design
Newsmaker ~
Podcast series, Allscripts, NASDAQ
Short Track ~
Soundtrack Package, Mach 1

Dead and Gone ~
Sound Design, Premix, ADR, Dark Haze
Reef Madness ~
Game Design
~ Soundtrack remix and reconform, Sony/Sympics Int'l
Curse of the Zodiac ~
Soundtrack Package, Lion's Gate
City of The Dead ~
Soundtrack Package, Hollywood House of Horror
Mumbo Gumbo
~ Game Design
Erased ~
Soundtrack package, Ascentia Films

Van Wilder 2 ~
soundtrack elements, Tapestry Films (Nat'l Lampoon)
Rey's Anatomy ~
Series DVD mix
Zombie Nation ~
M&E elements, Lion's Gate
House on The Hill ~
soundtrack package
Black Dahlia ~
Dialogue edit, Lion's Gate
Pull ~
Music Score

Three Trials
sound mix package, Randy Greif, Director
Rey's Anatomy ~ sound mix, series
Two RIvers
~ sound mix and VO package, Rodney Mitchell, Producer

Split Second ~ picture, post sound, motion graphics and opticals—Cori Cascante, Azdine Melliti, Producers

The Soul Patrol (radio drama on 40 stations nationwide)—sound and music package—David Koenigsberg, Producer
Seabase Florida—Carol Steffen, Producer
Beach Patrol
—soundtrack package and High-def layback—Charles Allen
—5.1 post sound package, documentary—Committed Films

Smoke and Ash
—dialogue conform, final mix—Adam Carl, John Hornburg, Producers
The Challenge—music editorial—Tapestry Films
September Song
—dialogue, sound design, and mix—Georges Chamchoum, Producer

—sound effects, foley—Pirromount Pictures
—ADR recording — Tanner Kling, Producer

When in Rome — sync dailies, music editorial, TV and radio spots — Tapestry Films

Evil Remains—soundtrack package—Ron Rothstein, Producer
Threat of Exposure—ADR recording—Tom Whitus, Producer
Pure Pandemonium—ADR recording
Reversal—editorial, remix, dialogue—Jimi Petulla, Producer

Greatest Fireworks on Earth—soundtrack package—Discovery Channel, John Borst, Producer
Gone—soundtrack package—Tim Che, Producer
Getting There
—Music editorial—Tapestry FIlms
Ivy Girl
—offline/online and graphics/titles—Media International
— ADR recording—Tom Whitus, Producer

American Friends and Lovers
—dialogue, sound design, and mix—Steve Bath, Producer
Olivia—dialogue, sound design, and mix—Ulli Lommel, Producer
Stolen Stars—dialogue, sound design, and mix— Ulli Lommel, Producer
Island in The Sun—Music editorial—Tapestry Films 

Danny and Max—Dialogue, sound design, and mix—Georges Chamchoum, Producer
Cocaine Cowboys
—M&E track
—M&E editorial, score, final mix—Eric Sherman, Producer

Passport To Paris—Music Editorial, Trailer post sound—Tapestry Films, The Olsen Twins
Our Lips Are Sealed—Music Editorial, Trailer post sound—Tapestry Films, The Olsen Twins
Winning London—Music Editorial, Trailer post sound—Tapestry Films, The Olsen Twins (Mary Kate and Ashley)
(All three are top-ten selling videos with initial shipments exceeding 1.5 million units)

Samurai Armageddon 2—M&E editorial, score, final mix—Eric Sherman, Producer

The Tomorrow Man
—Dialogue, sound design, mix—Doug Campbell, Director 
The Soul Patrol (internet radio drama)—Dialogue, sound design, music and mix—David Koenigsberg, Producer

Tokyo Mafia—Music Score—Eric Sherman, Producer 
Silent Scream
—Dialogue, sound design, and mix—James Chean, Director
Sammyville—Dialogue, sound design and mix—Jian Hong Kuo, Producer
Couch Taters—Dialogue, sound design, and mix—Jonny Vasic, Director

Ninja Cadets—ADR and mix—Eric Sherman, Producer  
— Dialogue, sound design, and mix —Todd Portugal, Director
Samurai Armageddon—ADR, sound design, music, mix—Eric Sherman, Producer
Charmed Life—Dialogue, sound design, and mix—Gene Lo, Director
The Bible and Gun Club — Dialogue, sound design and mix—Daniel Harris, Producer/Director 

Zero Woman
—ADR,  sound design, music, mix—Eric Sherman, Producer
Monsoon—Sound mix—Jag Mundhra, Director

Sisters of Sin— Dialogue, sound design, music score, mix— Rob Sidis, Greg Jacobs, Producers  

The Ice Cream Man — Dialogue, sound design and mix—Norman Abstein, Director

Close to Home — Dialogue, sound design and mix—Albert Ruis, Producer
Star Witness — Dialogue, sound design and mix—Ulli Lommel, Director

—ADR and mix—Eric Sherman, Producer
Stripper Wives—Dialogue, sound design, final mix—Paul Thomas, Director

Kill or Be Killed
— Sound design, mix, and score—Raymond Isaacs, Director
Storm in the Afternoon — Sound design and mix—Robin Podder, Director

unspoke1.jpg (28940 bytes)
The Unspoken—Sound design and mix, writer-director Tjardus Greidanus.
Passport to Paris music editorial—Sherwood Jones, post production supervisor

vampire1.jpg (50595 bytes)
I Want To Be A Vampire — Sound design and mix— from producer/director Ulli Lommel, in 35 scope
American Adventures — Sound design, VO, and mix—Rudy Selitsch, Producer

Le Magique — Dialogue, score, sound design and mix—Azdine Melliti, Director
Park Day
— ADR recording—Sterling Macer, director
The Kid in King Arthur’s Court
— sync dailies, temp mix

Inner Traveler — Sound design and mix—Chris Farley, Director
Lethal Orbit — Sound design and mix—Ulli Lommel, Director

Ed Wood — Miniature photography, motion programming—Tim Burton, Director

dead2.jpg (31935 bytes)
Dead Inn — Sound design and mix, directed by Star Trek's makeup artisan, Dean Jones
Millennium Day — Sound design and mix—Ulli Lommel, Director

Hook — Motion programming, matte painting photography, optical compositing—Steven Spielberg, Director
Point Dume — Sound design and mix—Mark Gordon, Director

Star Trek 6
— Motion programming, FX photography
Kiss of Death — Sound design and mix—Andre Feher, Director
Sunset After Dark — Sound design and mix—Mark Gordon, Director

Major Rock
— Dialogue, sound design, music edit, mix—Charles Allen, Producer/Director
Gravity and Grace — Online, sound design
Broken Reality — Sound design and mix—Drew Phillips, Director
Eva Braun — Docudrama — VO Recording/Audio Post—Ulli Lommel, Producer

Terminator 2
— Effects photography, motion programming—James Cameron, Director
City Lights -- documentary — Online, sound design, and mix—Ulli Lommel, Producer
Madam — Sound design and mix—Tzury Mimon, Producer
Lady Blues — Sound design and mix—Andre Vaillancourt, Director
Sunset After Dark — Sound design and mix—Mark Gordon, Director
Cappuccino — sync dailies
Taxi Girls 3 — offline, online, score, sound design
Little Lost Sea Serpent — Sound design and mix

Six Weeks— Music score prep, Dudley Moore, composer
From China With Love — Offline, online, sound design, score, mix
Night of The Coyote — Offline, Online, sound design
Dawn — sync dailies

Amityville Horror — Lalo Schifrin, composer
Lady Sings the Blues — Paramount
Harry in Your Pocket — Bruce Geller, Lalo Schifrin

Oklahoma Crude — Henry Mancini, composer

The Candidate — Warner Bros, Michael Ritchie; John Rubenstein, composer
Master Gunfighter
— Music score prep, Lalo Schifrin, composer
The Manitou — Music score prep, Lalo Schifrin, composer




Pucked ~ Sony Pictures, National Lampoon
Iron Caste ~
Sherwood Jones, Editor, Hidden Agenda
Van Wilder 2 ~
Inside Man ~
Music cue by Command Post
Thirty-Two Hours, Seven Minutes
~ Dan Ewen, Producer
The Challenge
~ editorial and mix, trailers, broadcast spots—Tapestry Films
~ mix—Mark Mokulu
Chronicles of Riddick ~ Command Post originated music cue
Bourne Supremacy ~ Command Post originated music cue
Jack of Diamonds
~ editorial—Spotlight Films
Reversal ~ Dialogue, sound design, and mix—Tapestry Films
My Father's Angel
~ Sound design and mix—Spotlight Films
~ Sound design and mix—Tapestry FIlms
Charmed and Dangerous
~ Sound design and mix—Spotlight FIlms
The Kid in Aladdin’s Court
~  Sound design and mix—Tapestry FIlms
The Last Time I Committed Suicide ~ Sound design and mix—Tapestry FIlms
Pokerface ~ Sound design and mix—Spotlight Films
Bloodsport 3 ~  Sound design and mix—Spotlight Films
Deadly Sins ~  Score—Saban Entertainment and Spotlight Films
Monsoon ~ Sound design and mix for the extended preview cut—Everest Pictures
Payback ~ Online, sound design, mix—Tapestry Films
Smooth Operator ~ Online, score, sound design, mix—Spotlight Films
Devotion ~ Online, Sound design, and mix—Spotlight Films
Call Girl ~ Sound design and mix—Spotlight Films
Lap Dancer ~ Sound design and mix—Spotlight FIlms
Irresistible Impulse ~ Sound design and mix—Everest Pictures
Above Suspicion ~ Sound design and mix—Spotlight Films
Tainted Love ~ Sound design and mix—Everest Pictures





Broken Promise
— Soundtrack package
What Love Will Make You Do — ADR
Knitter — Soundtrack package
Good Friday — Soundtrack package, tom Connolly, Producer
My Stand — Scott Cervine, Producer
My Saudi Mother — Georges Chamchoum, Producer
Edna and Arnold — Soundtrack mix

Portrait of an Addict
Sound mix
— voiceover
When Actors Need Money
~ Sound Mix
My Little Secret
—soundtrack package—Mark RImer, Producer
Adventures in Home Schooling
—Tony DeCarlo, Producer
Tanner Kling, Producer
Elvis in Concert
Sound mix—Spotlight Films
AT&T spots—Todd Ciaciuch, Producer

Mary Kate and Ashley's Ballet Party
—M&E track, Tapestry FIlms
Mary Kate and Ashley's Birthday Party—M&E track, Tapestry FIlms
Mary Kate and Ashley's School Dance Party—M&E track, music mix, Tapestry FIlms
Mary Kate and Ashley's Sleepover Party—M&E track, Tapestry FIlms
Mary Kate and Ashley's Hawaiian Holiday Party—M&E track, Tapestry FIlms

The Fascinating World of Barbie Collectibles— Score, sound design and mix, Mattel, Inc
Pokerface—Sound design and mix/trailer
Us Against Them
—Sound design and mix
Embracing Power Yoga—Sound design and mix
Outbound—Sound design and mix
Quality Time—Sound design, music, and mix
Stripping for Jesus—Dialogue, sound design; Anne Heche, director
Two Sparrows
—sound design and mix
Oasis TV promo campaign
— Sound design and mix
Platform Six —Dialogue and effects editing
No Pussyfooting — Dialogue, sound design, and mix
The Death Pages — Dialogue, sound design, and mix
Holding On — Dial edit, sound design, and mix
Everest— sound design and mix— MacGillivray Freeman
Walking to the Pro Shop— Sound design and mix
Radtoons — Animation soundtrack and mix
Nickels— HBO special -- ADR recording, ADR editing
Top of The World — Sound design and mix
Julius — Sound design and mix
HBBC Infomercial — VO recording and editing
Markon Produce — Infomercial -- Sound design and mix
5 Rules — Sound design and mix for English and German
Throw Your Set in The Air— Music video -- resync to picture
Where’s Claudia? — short -- online and dialogue editing
The Simpsons — Animation photography
Form and Void — mix
Hearing The Light — short --edit and mix
Room Dog — Short -- Sound design and mix
John Weider — new CD project for Warner/Chappell -- Music recording
Games — Short -- Sound design and mix
Overnight Notions — Short -- Online, sound design
Sexual Disarray Among Non-Secular Buddhist Monks—Animated Short -- sound design, mix
Five Star Wine —offline, sound design, and mix
Baseball Cards infomercial — Sound design and mix
Numerology infomercial — Sound design and mix
Rock Channel logo — Sound design and mix
Indus Foods — Commercial — Online, sound design and mix
Cathedral — Short






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