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How do you produce foley, ADR, and sound effects such as footsteps?

Command Post has been using a sound fx database for over ten years. Over 300 gigs of sound effects are timeline ready.

In house live footstep foley is performed here for common surfaces, as well as clothing and other sounds may be recorded live on our stage, but more esoteric surfaces or shoe types are performed -- yes, performed -- digitally from the master keyboard. 

Every kind of footstep surface is online in the library, whether it's wood, carpet, concrete, stone, metal, dirt, grass, mud, sand, leaves, or snow, with different shoe types for each surface, barefoot steps, shuffles, jumping, stairsteps, and running steps. Digital footstep techniques are proprietary and highly customized at Command Post. 

Foley is performed using automated loop recording. Dialogue may be rerecorded on the stage in the same way, with or without beeps. Later the ADR will  be edited and matched to original production characteristics.