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                                  Jan 2019


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Command Post helps you achieve commercial success and artistic integrity with memorable soundtrack design. And Command Post will meet or exceed your distributor's stringent quality control requirements. 

With 128 Protools tracks and 32 channels of digital I/O, you'll enjoy exceptional mixing flexibility and highly specialized audio plug-ins and processes not available on picture edit workstations. Our sound design capabilities, sound stage, and well-seasoned, proprietary sound fx library will distinguish your production. 

That's why a wide variety of successful producers in the Los Angeles media trade depend on Command Post (since 1989) to create complex yet highly cost effective film, video, and game soundtracks distributed locally and throughout the world. 

Call 818-882-3300 (or email) and come on down to our comfortable ranch location to discuss your needs. 



"I love the soundtrack. I couldn't be happier. I'm just thrilled to death. I think you did a great job..."
~John Campbell

"I gotta say it's been great working along side you my friend. I told my agent you are a true pro. THANKS FOR THE SUPER WORK AND SPIRIT MY FRIEND!"
~Julian Dulce Vida 

"Thanks so much for your work!! We have branches not only in Japan and US but also in France, Nepal, and Korea. All of them like your editing. You are a truly professional! When we make the other video films for our company, we will ask you again."
~ Dr. Tadahiro Makise, Osaka, Japan