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Music  by composer John Graves (ASCAP)


From action to abstraction, suspense to comedy, John's musical repertoire covers a broad spectrum. Currently Supervising Sound Designer at Diamond Game in Chatsworth, his cues have been used in trailers for Inside Man, Chronicles of Riddick, and Bourne Supremacy. John has scored a handful of full features, including "Le Magique", "Savannah's Ghost", "Tokyo Mafia", "Kill or Be Killed", and "Sisters of Sin". He has also sound designed and scored over 20 games for Diamond Game, as well as a plethora of trailers and short films. 

His musical studies began on a Steinway Grand at age 2. John's parents were also music professionals, and his dad Leonard Graves worked in the movie music business in Hollywood for many years. This gave John an early start at some major studio sessions, providing the opportunity to meet and work with composers such as Lalo Schifrin and Quincy Jones. John's mother Patricia was a concert pianist and a prolific music teacher.

John studied Moog 35 under Dan Wyman, Fairlight with Beverly Grigsby at CSUN, and Film Scoring with Don Ray at UCLA.

John has been a supervising sound editor on a number of award-winning, independent films, and his career trajectory has included special visual effects work at Lucasfilm.

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"I think you did a great job. It's very good, and I liked it very much. That's just what we needed, and 
I think it's going to have some impact."

~ David Menukian, Producer, The Ballroom Dance

"I love the soundtrack. I couldn't be happier. It's perfect. I'm just thrilled to death...I think you
did a great job." 
~  John Campbell, Producer-DIrector "Li"

" I'm really impressed with your work.   I hear a lot of fairly adept composer-performer-recording 
artists, but they all sound amateurish. You sound like you composed a score and hired an orchestra."
~ Paul Mulcahy

"Your work is phenomenal!"     ~ Iancu Tomlinson



New Stuff:

 Ancient Rivers   Blue Cool     Red Dream MP3     Lotto Fruit mp3    
 A Time Metropole  

Suspense and Horror:  

Ancient Terror MP3   Doublecross MP3    Investigator MP3   Suspicion VIDEO   
Deadly Allure MP3
Berlin MP3 


Something Evil MP3   Monk vs Bo Coogan MP3   Tokyo Mafia End Title MP3 
Unexpected MP3
     War Drums MP3     Double-cross VIDEO    Deadly Sins VIDEO
Thirsty Sky, Hungry Shore mp3     


Tokyo Harbor MP3   Winter Village MP3    Berlin MP3     Rolls Royce MP3     Brussels MP3  
Double Agent MP3      Latifa MP3     Reconciliation MP3  
Compass of Zinn  Apr 10

House, Rock and Country:

Funky Euro Bonus       Red Dream MP3     Rookie MP3    Once Upon a Farm MP3     
Tire Pressure MP3     The Heck With It  MP3      


Blue Cool


Earl's Place MP3     The Heck With It  MP3      Fortunate Soldier Part 1    Rookie MP3   
Eugenio MP3     Brilling MP3      Soul Patrol open MP3    


He Can Stay MP3    Vessel MP3     Investigator 2 MP3    Orbis Symphony (Excerpt) MP3    

Bizarre Sounds:

Li soundtrack VIDEO  Killer Symphony   Children's Dungeon   April Harvest (retro video game theme)  


Barbie Collectibles VIDEO    

Themes and Ideas:

Mindmerge MP3       End Title KOBK MP3      Tokyo Mafia Open MP3      
Rococo Strut MP3      Taste of Freedom MP3     


 Are You Yakuza VIDEO  Are You Yakuza MP3   Makise Laboratories VIDEO  Le Magique Main Title MP3  



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Li -- John Campbell, Director
Music and sound design 

Makise Laboratories -- Duc Tran, Producer
Music Score

Savannah's Ghost ~ Ulli Lommel, Director
Music Score

Pull—Andrew Shortell, Director
Music composed and conducted by 

The Soul Patrol (series)
David Koenigsberg, Creator/Producer
Music composed, arranged and conducted

Tokyo Mafia
—Eric Sherman, Producer
Music composed and conducted 


Kill or Be Killed—Raymond Isaacs, Director
Music composed and conducted 

Sisters of Sin—  Rob Sidis, Greg Jacobs, Producers  
Music composed and conducted 

Cardiac Sciences
—Jane Simpson, Producer
Music composed and performed 


Le Magique — Azdine Melliti, Director
Music composed and conducted


Deadly Sins — David Hillenbrand, Producer
Music for the trailer composed and performed

Smooth Operator—Ron Rothstein, Producer
Music for the trailer composed and performed 


The Ballroom Dance — David Menukian, Producer
Music composed and conducted

Quality Time— Doug Dole, Producer
Music composed and performed 


The Fascinating World of Barbie Collectibles -- Vanessa Finan, Producer
Music composed and performed 


Samurai Armageddon—Eric Sherman, Producer    
Music arranged and performed 


Zero Woman—Eric Sherman, Producer
Music arranged and performed


Major Rock
— Charles Allen, Producer/Director
Music supervision and editorial 


Lady Blues—Andre Vaillancourt, Producer/Director
Music composed and conducted



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