National Lampoon Features Mixed for DVD

Command Post has completed two soundtrack packages of the National Lampoon features “Pucked” and “Van Wilder 2". Tapestry Films’ Editor Sherwood Jones was the point man on both pictures. In some cases, 5.1 elements were folded down to create Dolby Stereo printmasters.

Many elements were involved ~ 5.1 M&E’s, 5.1 stems, LT RT stems, TV versions, foreign versions, censored language, deleted scenes, and of course, trailers. Domestic distributors for the National Lampoon films are SONY and MGM.

Jon Bon Jovi stars in the 90 minute comedy “Pucked”, as the debt-laden promoter of a women’s hockey franchise. 

Demands of Casino Gaming Call Upon New Cartoon FX Libraries 

Chatsworth-based Diamond Game Enterprises has brought Command Post on board to produce sound design and music for it’s newest games, now being installed in Indian Casinos across the country. 

“From sproings and doinks to harmonicas and violins, our new cartoon sfx database is proving popular and useful not just in game design but in trailers as well”, remarks editor John C. “It’s an expansion we’d planned for quite some  time.” 

Command Post has also recently inaugurated the Series 7000 ambience library, which includes an extraordinary number of city and country ambiences from six continents around the world. Also installed in 2006 is the “Art of Foley” 10 CD fx library. 

"Art of Foley" proved to be a crucial asset for "Erased", which needed detailed live action sounds with lots of running, jumping, and fighting. An ambitious 90 minute HD action thriller from Ascentia Films in Calabasas, Erased’s first preview screening is scheduled this month 

Rising Star Gildon Gets Full Pac 10 Scholarship 

Simi Valley is being swamped with talent scouts from the Pac 10, searching for tomorrow's headliner football talent. For a small high school, Oaks Christian in Simi is turning out an unusually high number of potential stars who see a big future in college ball and beyond. Command Post DVD played a crucial role in helping Oaks School’s Anthony Gildon obtain a Pac 10 football scholarship. His dad came to Command Post to put together his best footage in a high impact DVD, complete with menus.   

“Thanks to the DVD we’ve been inundated with full scholarship offers, even USC -- which unfortunately we had to turn down,” remarked Anthony’s Dad, Constantine. Anthony is making the move to the Oregon Ducks this fall.

Teammate Chris Owusu’s new Command Post DVD has already garnered ten scholarship offers from major universities, including Harvard and Stanford. 

CP Creates Mixes for Allscripts “Newsmaker” Programs 

Chicago-based medical software company Allscripts, and it’s CEO Glen Tollman, are utilizing Command Post for sound mix packages of their monthly interview program “Newsmaker”. 

“Since the audio is recorded everywhere from Chicago to New York to New Orleans, and not always with the best equipment, it can be a challenge to make it sound better” remarks editor John. To maximize quality, teleconferencing is simultaneously recorded on different audio recorders in different cities, then synchronized and edited later. The March show featured Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, who shared insights into the future of improved patient care through better information technology. 

Bumpering  the netcast each week is a fresh, new theme from Command Post’s original music archives. Senior Marketing Manager Todd Stein took to the new, piano-driven instrumental immediately. A flat, one-time licensing fee secures rights to use the music for all Newsmaker shows. Allscripts is a Nasdaq listed company. 

This month’s special Newsmaker guest: Intel Chairman Craig Barrett.

Control Room Remodel Emphasizes Comfort and Acoustic Design

While there was very little down time involved, the entire month of February was devoted to a control room remodel at Command Post. While phase one is now complete, phase two, due later this year, will involve the relocation of some electronics, especially outboard gear. 

“Cutting down on clutter is our most important priority. Our focus in the remodel has been more on aesthetics and comfort than on any new electronics”, remarked technical director John C Graves.  Among the few electronic mods, however, the mix room now has four surround monitors instead of just two, an arrangement more consistent with theater acoustic design. Command Post is also making the switch to quad LCD computer monitors, which opens up tons of screen real estate and desk space.  

Favorite comfort zone of producers, the control room couch, has also been enlarged as part of the shoji-inspired design. And a kneeling buddha sculpture now graces the studio entrance in recognition of Command Post’s prime function -- that of serving it’s customers. 


“Li” Score Strikes a Deep Chord at Festivals 

Roots and vines erupt out of the ground, snowmelts rise and fall amidst decaying bones, and microscopic organisms wiggle under the watchful camera of Pennsylvania filmmaker John Campbell, who engaged Command Post to design a soundtrack for his visual opus, “Li -- Patterns of Nature.” The production employed microphotography and time lapse artistry to show some very visceral images of natural phenomena. 

“I love the soundtrack”, remarked Campbell. “...I’m just thrilled to death...I think you did a great job.” Command Post’s in house score and sound design was produced primarily on the new Motif ES8, a core musical component in the richly textural, wall-to-wall score. “Li” is John Campbell’s second film soundtrack with Command Post. 

Command Post has scored a dozen features, and has supplied crucial sound design and music for trailers for Bourne Supremacy, Inside Man, and Chronicles of Riddick, among others. 


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