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Before you come in, please be aware of some of the following issues. 

1. The video and audio elements you supply should sync up with each other. This means that they should have the same sample rate, use the same timecode standard, and have a matching sync mark or sync pop.

2. If you have a bunch of little spots, please gang them together on one big file, which will speed all the work.

3. Command Post's in house video formats currently include 3/4, VHS, and DVD for video. If you are bringing a DV tape for viewing, please bring your DV camera or transfer to VHS or DVD first. Firewire drive, DVD, or FTP are common ways to fly in your material. Our audio formats include Timecode DAT, quarter inch half track with center track timecode, 1/4" 4 track, 1/2" 8 track, DA88 8 track, cassette, and mini-disk. Many other audio formats are available through our partners, such as SONY DASH or 24 track 2 inch, but please call ahead for setups.

4. Timecode DAT machines/tapes are not always compatible with each other. Please note on what make and model of machine your DATs were recorded, and notify us prior to bringing in you DAT materials. If DAT formats are incompatible, it may be necessary to rent a compatible DAT machine to read your particular tape. Otari and some early Fostex tapes are not compatible with our DAT machine.

5. Let us know in advance if you want component Beta SP, Digibeta, or D5, and we'll set it up (additional charge for this equipment).

6. For loading video in for soundwork, some loading and preparation time will commonly be required. An actual VHS, DVD, or 3/4 video usually will load much quicker than a large quicktime file on a harddrive, which may require lengthy processing. If you happen to have an Igniter video card, then you can actually create a Quicktime video for us for use in Protools; the specification is 360x243, data rate not to exceed 800K per sec.

7. Backup your data prior to bringing in to Command Post. Command Post assumes no liability of any kind for incidental or consequential damages, or for loss of data of any kind, except as specified in individual contracts to individual producers. 

8 Half hour minimum prorated in 15 minute intervals. There is a 15 minute no-charge grace period at the beginning of sessions for late appointments. All charges include operator. Supply your own operator and pay 60 percent of standard rates. Transfer rate (unattended by operator for 12 minutes or more) is 50 percent of standard rate.

9. To qualify for discount weekly or monthly rates, a 50 percent deposit is required.

Please address any additional questions or concerns to our staff, who will be happy to field any questions. Thanks.