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  • Quiet, accurate mixing with all CPU's and harddrives in the machine room, not in your listening area...and monitoring calibrated for accuracy. Meet or exceed your distributor's stringent quality standards.

  • Highly polished VO and vocal recording services. 

  • Cutting edge post sound for HD, 35, 24p, DVD, or other formats. Edit and mix for any budget.

  • We offer  the best low-cost ADR services in town, a very comfortable room for talent and large video monitoring, excellent mics, fast service, the best beeps in the business.

  • Profound Surround Mixing for DVD as well as theatrical release formats. Dolby Stereo, Dolby Digital, DTS, and SDDS 5.1. AC3 file creation.

  • Complete music production. In-house composer with multiple feature credits and an impressive, detailed orchestral sound that truly rivals the real thing. Orchestral and synth re-creations of exacting detail are available, as well as compelling original composition. Major studios, NASDAQ technology companies, and the gaming industry have used our music for movies and games.

  • Audio Restoration combining our state-of-the-art tools and years of expertise in saving audio from the ravages of time and neglect. Analog retentive! We have the analog formats and the tools to repair them. Ask about tape baking. Transfer your 33-45 or 78 records or tapes to CD.

  • A step ahead with super low-cost foley . . . farm out all your footsteps to us and save money on your soundtrack! 

  • Advanced signal processing to clean up your dialogue and other elements.

  • Frequency sculpting and detailed control of noise and distortion in your tracks.

  • M&E specialist, dialogue removal, music replication specialist. We can build foreign release elements from a composite track. 

  • Dialogue conform and editing from DAT, TC Nagra, OMF files. DAT or 1/4" timecode conform. 

  • An extremely wide variety of audio transfer formats are available, including 1/4", 1/2", 1", 2"-16 and 24 tk, phonograph, timecode DAT, DA88, SONY Dash 24 and 48 track, 35mm 3 4 and 6 track, and more. Email us your specifics for your transfer.

  • Sound effects/sound design. Library and original sound effects performed in the studio and out in the field.

  • Sound effects database. Instant searching and loading of over 200 gigabytes of sound effects. New cartoon fx library, featuring Cartoon Express. 

  • Protools high end, 64 voice system. AVID and FCP file compatibility. Scrubbable digital picture. Modular, Ultrawide SCSI systems. 

  • Both Mac and Windows based digital audio workstations. Three independent yet interconnected systems. 

  • All digital signal paths.

  • Comprehensive digital denoise.



  • Adobe Aftereffects Production Bundle and Lightwave 3D bundled with a motion programmer and effects guy with over a decade of industry experience. Titles, graphics, visual effects, digital compositing. NTSC or High Definition output; 2000 or 4000 line output for 35mm. 

  • Non-linear picture editing with Standard Def Final Cut Pro and the Aurora Igniter RT, featuring component video for the highest standard def video quality. 

  • Picture to audio and picture to picture resyncing, reconforming, and more.

  • DVD authoring and menu services. Let us put your special project or demo in a new context.

  • Exciting motion web services flash animation.

  • Superb movie posters and print graphics are available for your production at a special lower rate. John has worked with Photoshop founder John Knoll.


  • Integrated audio/video suite with carefully diffused natural light and lots of oxygen- enriched ventilation. And easy access to the wonders of nature just outside the door not a noisy intersection or industrial park. 

  • Quiet central air.

  • Online work logs available on request for instant viewing of project status.

  • Fiber internet for exchanging large files at high speeds.

  • Post production tech support. Consult on any aspect of your production.

  • West Valley location within 1 mile of superb shopping and restaurants, including the Valley's most highly reviewed deli . . . . superlative sushi bars . . .

  • Owner works on all jobs from start to finish.




  • Protools and Spectral digital audio workstations, all with high-end Waves, Wavearts, Aphex, and other plug ins

  • Aurora Igniter RT digital video editing with component I/O

  • Final Cut Pro SD, Lightwave 3D, After Effects Production Bundle, Photoshop of course, much more...

  • Cakewalk and Protools MIDI sequencing 

  • VHS, 3/4 SP (SONY 9850 and 9800), SONY Beta SP 

  • Timecode DAT, Tascam DA88, 1/2" 8 track, 1/4" 4 track, 1/4" TC half track

  • Yamaha all-digital console, the legendary 02R

  • Mac and PC dual screen systems, acoustically isolated

  • (2) Adams Smith Zeta 3 synchronizers

  • Dorrough metering

  • Digidesign Universal Slave Driver

  • Eventide H3000 special edition/Broadcast Ultra harmonizer

  • Dolby Stereo encode/decode hardware for Dolby Stereo surround

  • Lexicon reverb and Midiverb

  • Roland and MXR digital delays

  • DBX 900 series deessers, gates, limiter/compressors

  • Behringer denoiser

  • Carver 5.1 THX-approved amplification

  • Balanced audio patchbay/video patchbay/MIDI patchbay

  • Video Toaster 4000

  • DPS time base correctors TBC3 and TBC4

  • Amilink 4000 AB roll edit control system

  • EDL conversion software

  • Synapse 16x20 Midi patchbay plus emagic 8 channel midi interface

  • Instruments: Motif 8 ES Workstation, EMU E4 with the sensational Szeidleczek library, Baldwin Acoustic piano, Yamaha TX 816, Roland JV880, Roland D550, EMU Proteus 1, Linndrum, Hear what they sound like on the MUSIC page. 

  • Mics: AKG 414, AKG 452, Shure SM81, Shure SM57







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