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How can we save big money by avoiding problems in location recording?

What are your ideal specifications for location shooting?

How is dialogue handled once the shoot is completed?

What do you need to get started on post sound?

What happens then? What do you actually do?

Yeah, but do you have a checklist of things to do/things to have before I come in, and where is your disclaimer?

How does Command Post produce great-sounding foley, ADR, and sound effects such as footsteps at a lower cost?

How does your mix translate to a big theater?

What are the different mix formats I need to know about?

What kind of price range do you charge for a typical feature— and how long will it take?

How can sound increase my film's commercial viability?

What is the relationship between your post sound work and your visual effects and animation work?

How do you produce a superior mix at a lower cost?

Avoid disaster! A critical word about the negative cut!




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John Graves, owner/operator of Command Post, is a sound editor, rerecording mixer, film composer, motion control camera operator, and technical director with twenty years of industry experience and a broad range of credits. Before making the conscious choice to run his company full time in 1992, he worked for Lucasfilm, Calico Limited, Colossal Pictures, Boyington Film, and Computer Camera Service on high-grossing major studio features as well as award-winning independent films, Clio-nominated commercials, and broadcast promotion.





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